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News and Updates for 2024


Happy New Year to every Virginia Republican from Loudoun’s Northwest tip to Lee’s Southwest corner!! 

As I travel my lifelong home state, I’m always struck by how unique the different regions of the Commonwealth are, yet we still share a distinct identity as Virginians that is unlike any other I’ve encountered in the 43 states I’ve visited. My RNC colleagues are proud of each of their states and I’m sure they’re nice places….but none of them are Virginia, and Virginians reading this know EXACTLY what I’m talking about. 

Whether transplanted or homegrown, we are all blessed beyond measure to call Virginia home.


SAVE THE DATE! May 31-June 1, 2024

Per our Call, the Quadrennial Republican State Convention will be held May 31-June 1, 2024 in Hampton, Virginia. 

We will have a single convention in a single voting location, which we were denied due to COVID restrictions in 2020.  At this convention, the delegates will elect to 4-year terms our RPV party chair, RNC National Committeeman, and RNC National Committeewoman (me). We will also elect those who will serve as official Electors for the 2024 Presidential election and vote on any Party Plan Amendments that may be presented.


Becoming a delegate to our state convention will require any registered Virginia voter to complete and submit a delegate pre-file form, which can be done in one of two ways: (1) through one of 125 Republican committees. There is a Republican Unit in every locality. Membership is not required.


Which will issue individual Calls with filing deadlines or (2) filling directly through the Republican Party of Virginia. Please read The Call HERE.


To vote for any candidate or issue at the convention, a delegate (other than active duty military) MUST attend the convention in person.  Therefore, should I earn your support for a 2nd  term as your RNC National Committeewoman, it’s absolutely critical that you reserve those dates and timely file to be a delegate.





The RNC is facing numerous challenges, primarily a loss in confidence among the grassroots Republicans - namely US - whom we desperately need if we are going to prevail and save the country. 


Unlike the Democrats, we must be a BOTTOM-UP Party. 


That is why I travel statewide at my own expense to speak at every unit or auxiliary that invites me because they are the foundation and driving force of our party.


With a number of my RNC colleagues, we also visit any large gathering of Republican grassroots activists to assure them we are working from within to change the RNC to put grassroots Republicans and the issues they care about front and center.


In July I served on a panel at a Turning Point Action event in West Palm, FL with approximately 6,000 young conservatives, and then in December before 13,000 young people at AmFest in Phoenix. 


In October I was part of the First in the Nation Summit in Manchester, NH where nearly all Republican presidential primary candidates spoke. 


In January I’ve been invited by the NH Chair to be with the many thousands gathered for the NH primary, which should be a significant milestone in the nomination process. 


Just in the month of December, I traveled to Lynchburg to help that committee celebrate multiple electoral victories in a city being truly transformed in the right direction.  I was privileged to do the same in Loudoun, where they flipped 3 school board seats and defeated a truly awful Soros-controlled Commonwealth’s Attorney. I firmly believe this victory will save lives in Loudoun….another reminder that what we do as Republicans matters to real people.


I joined the Colonial Mount Vernon Republican Women as they celebrated another successful year of service and activism. I’m also happy to say my own club, Bull Run Republican Women, celebrated significant awards at the state and national federation levels, and I’m particularly proud of our club President Michelle Baker pushing forward at the state level a resolution recognizing that biological women - and only biological women - are women!!


Please invite me to your unit or auxiliary meetings to answer your questions, share my experiences, and discuss what I hope to do in a 2nd term as your RNC National Committeewoman.

Contact me at: 

Why is 2024 so Important?



Though attributed to multiple sources, a phrase relevant to today became widely recognized when RFK used it in a 1966 speech:


There is a Chinese curse which says, “May he live in interesting times.” Like it or not, we live in interesting times. They are times of danger and uncertainty, but they are also the most creative of any time in the history of mankind.


Frankly, times have been a bit too interesting to suit me, particularly since our election disaster of November 2020.  Had I predicted then how much damage the Democrats could do in less than 38 months, how much suffering they would inflict nonstop on the average hardworking, middle-class family….I would have been wrong. 


Our adversaries had not yet revealed the lengths to which they would go, not only to retain/gain their own power but to systematically strip one constitutional freedom after the other from American citizens…up to and including a former President of the United States. As a constitutional attorney since 1997, I successfully litigated the very rights that this administration, abetted by our courts, is infringing with impunity and seemingly without consequence. 


I knew that the illegal alien influx - deadly to a sovereign country - would increase dramatically under Democrats, but I never imagined that millions and millions would enter in less than 3 years and we would now have upwards of 10,000/day violating our borders.  As US taxpayer money funds a concierge service flying these illegal aliens - unvetted and unsupervised - to the US city of their choice, it is clear that EVERY state is now a border state, and that particularly applies to our beloved Virginia. 


A 50-year fight against virtually unlimited abortion on demand under Roe v. Wade finally corrected a ruling that was always bad law and wrongly decided. However, the response in many cases has not been responsible, deliberative action of state legislatures as the founders intended. Rather, they have indulged the loudest, most extreme voices with knee-jerk reactions attempting to codify unlimited abortion on demand - up to, including, and even after live birth.  This is not where our country is, and certainly not our state.




Regardless of one’s preference for President, Senate, or other offices, one fact is indisputable:




No disagreement, conflict, or division within our party approaches the threat represented by the Democrat Party’s agenda.  The Republican Party carries a responsibility and obligation that has never been as heavy or critical as it is today, except perhaps at our party’s founding to save a country that would soon literally be torn apart. 


We need to be the best we can be by standing firmly and clearly on the values, principles, and policies that, when effectively communicated, mirror those of most people. 


In my 2020 campaign, I said over and over “Most Virginians believe pretty much like we do, we must present our powerful message in a way that persuades folks to start voting the way they already believe.”


A bold, unequivocal, pro-American message resonates with Americans of every kind because the underlying truths we believe in are already written in their hearts. The lived experiences of regular Americans over the last 3 years make them more receptive than ever to a strong Republican message. 


At the RNC, I am actively influencing, promoting, and in some cases formulating winning Republican policies and messages that, if successful, can make life better for regular people of all creeds and parties. 


I do not fight for our Republican principles and platform because

I am a Republican; I am a lifelong Republican because

I believe in those conservative bedrock values.


For Virginia,

Patti Lyman

RNC National Committeewoman for Virginia


PS: I personally pay every penny that it costs me to serve Virginia Republicans. I welcome and appreciate donations of any size, none of which will go to any national, state, nor local party. THANK YOU!


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